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On March 17, 1992 Eugene Tippmann applied for and received a patent # US5,235,903 on a boilerless steamer. Now 20 years later this technology has grown into a new category referred to as the connectionless steamer. The main advantage of this new technology is the steamer only generates as much steam as necessary to properly cook the food making it very energy efficient and eliminating several other problems pertaining to mineral buildup causing heater problems.  It also eliminates the necessity of having to plumb it to a water line and drain line.

Having sold his interest in the original company several years ago, Mr. Tippmann has now returned to the industry with an even better and more reliable steam cooker. The new steamer is designed and built to be trouble-free and last for many years, this is why Tippmann Steamer feels very comfortable in offering a three-year parts and labor warranty.

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