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Food service technology center cost comparison study results #1 (SC1/SC2)
SC1 and SC2 were identical restaurants from the same chain, located less than 20 miles apart in neighboring towns in southern California. Table 2 and Figure 36 below show the comparative steamer water and energy costs in these facilities. The connectionless steamer cost $7 per year for combined water and sewer and $571 per year for electricity, totaling $578 per year. On the other hand, the boiler-based steamer cost $1,944 per year for water and $4,717 per year for electricity, for a total annual cost of $6,661. With a $6,083 per year difference in combined water and energy costs, the connectionless steamer would pay for itself within one year. Although variances in steamer production and kitchen operation may slightly affect the usage at each location, there was clearly an operational cost benefit to the boilerless technology.

Factory Direct Pricing

Save money by buying direct from the manufacturer

Serve More Guests

Our incredibly fast cooking speed allows you to serve more customers faster and at greater volumes

Lower Maintenance Cost

Our unique heater design keeps mineral buildup at bay extending the life of your steamer and makes clean up a breeze

Cooks Each Tray Evenly

Our pressurized cabinet ensures each food tray is cooked evenly with deep penetrating steam disbursement

Speedy recovery

Opening and closing the steamer door will not slow down the cooking process recovery temperature is achieved within seconds of closing the door

Quality construction and components

American handmade construction; we only use premium USA sourced components that are built to last

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1-5 Year parts and labor

Alco Steamer includes a free 1 year parts and labor warranty with the purchase of every steamer. We also offer an optional extended parts and labor warranty for up to 5 years. As a valued customer, you’ll receive lifetime support from our onsite technician’s.

Alco Steamer – $3995

Our steamer will cook your food faster with less power and water consumption than other steamers on the market. Every Alco Steamer comes with a free 1 year parts and labor warranty. We offer great optional features which include an automatic water fill feature and a quick drain connection.

Our automatic water fill sensor is unique, it is a dependable proprietary component that isn’t found in other steamers. This will allow your steamer to cook faster and save you money. Please contact us for more information about these remarkable features.


The Alco Steamer saves on an average of $3,092 per year on power and water usage over a boiler based steamer, that’s $257 per month average. We offer multiple payment options, including financing/leasing programs.

Ease of Operation

The Alco Steamer is hands down the easiest steamer to operate. You won’t need extensive training in order to cook your food. Everyone in your kitchen will know how to operate the steamer instantly. Time is money, we took this into account when engineering our steamer. The Alco steamer will reduce labor cost and increases your staff’s production. Many steamers on the market require expensive chemical flushes in order to remove calcium and lime build up. If this isn’t done on a regular basis, the operation life of the those steamers is reduced dramatically. You’ll be happy to know that our steamer doesn’t require this type of maintenance. Alco’s revolutionary design increases the life of the average steamer giving you the most dependable steamer you’ll ever own.